About Us
"The Mentors Mission was an experience that will always be remembered. The zechus to be part of this mission to help those who are searching for their way back home is an opportunity not to be missed."
- Leib

"We are all coming off a week that far surpassed any of our expectations. The ruchnius aspects, coupled with the gashmius, truly made this week a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Our participation as a group further enhanced the kiddush shem shamayim."
- Itche

"…including the pleasure of learning gemara be'chavrusa, seeing how far they have advanced in understanding gemara."
- Shea

Mentor Missions was created by a small group of Shomer Shabbos Baalei Batim in 2007.  The idea was to enable mentors to learn and tour with unaffiliated Jewish college students who enrolled in Yeshiva Ohr Somayach's signature Jewish Learning Exchange program that runs during the university and college winter and summer breaks. 

A few years later, the program has grown to include hundreds of mentors who have made a significant difference in the lives and decisions of hundreds of unaffiliated Jewish college students. These mentors empower our students to change their outlook of a Torah lifestyle by demonstrating their success living a Torah lifestyle while balancing a career. The ever expanding program has grown to include summer and winter Missions to Israel,  Jewish outreach programs across North America including the Annual Presidents Day Weekend New York Shabbaton, our recent Ski and Study Winter Mission to Utah, Shabbaton's in cities across North America as well as the MentorShips chavrusah learning program.     
This project is l'zecher nishmas Malka bas Tuvia.
Ohr Somayach International.

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