Simply earning a degree is not enough these days to break into this difficult job market.  To get a leg up, college graduates need to show that they maximized their summer vacations by holding impressive summer internships. Usually, students go through their university's career services department, scour the internet or network with family friends to find an internship.  What if Jewish students could land a great internship in their field by accessing a magic database of internships hosted by Jewish professionals? Now they can.

Given this relatively new trend, Mentor Missions is filling the void in the Jewish world by serving as a shadchan between Jewish college students and successful Jewish professionals.

Having an internship comes with many advantages for your business, such as: 
  • Immediate benefit from the work your intern will perform during his internship.
  • Long-term benefit of possibly recruiting top-notch job candidate to your company at minimal  risk.

Immeasurably more important than what you or your intern will gain professionally will be the intangible advantages for both of you.  You'll  develop a meaningful relationship with an unaffiliated Jewish college student and show him that you can have both parnassah and yiddeshkeit.  For him, it will transform an unpaid (or modestly paid) internship into a priceless lesson.  

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This project is l'zecher nishmas Malka bas Tuvia.
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